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Participating in SVI: Alberta

Can I attend only part of SVI: Alberta?

In short, no. SVI: Alberta is intended as an immersive experience that fosters networking, collaboration, and community support. These benefits are only fully realized through the full participation of all attendees.

What kind of experience can I expect to have?

SVI: Alberta is a unique hybrid of conference, retreat, social gathering, and coming together of those on the forefront of social ventures in Alberta. You'll want to set up your out of office. Expect to learn, to be challenged, and to expand your ideas of what's possible through this intensive experience.

Staying at Métis Crossing

How do I book my accommodation at Métis Crossing?


What else is there to do in the area?


Understanding the Origins of SVI

Who are the organizers behind SVI: Alberta?

There are a couple organizations you may hear referenced. SVI: Alberta is hosted by Be Local, a network of values-based businesses in Calgary, and Be Local is housed within Momentum. Momentum is a community economic development organization that aims to create a thriving, resilient, local economy. By hosting SVI: Alberta, Be Local is able to connect its work to the broader social innovation ecosystem in Alberta and contribute to systems level change.

How is SVI: Alberta connected to other SVI offerings?

SVI was created by and has been produced by the Hollyhock Leadership Institute for over 25 years with great success. Over the years, other SVI offerings have been developed and launched, including SVI Women, SVI 365, and our own offering, SVI: Alberta.

The Price of Attending SVI

What is the price of attending SVI: Alberta?