Free Time to Explore the Land OR Optional: Wildlife Tour or Through the Eye of the Hunter Experience

1:15 pm

*Please note: These are tours are optional, and additional fees apply.

Vision, Hopes & Dreams at Métis Crossing Wildlife Tour (1.5 hours): The exploration of the Métis people’s connection with the land is an essential element of understanding traditional Métis life. This tour is more than an opportunity to see rare heritage species up close. The Visions, Hopes, and Dreams Wildlife Park tour is a cultural and historical tour paired with a legendary wildlife experience.

Visions, Hopes, and Dreams at Métis Crossing Wildlife Park offers guests a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the beauty of Métis heritage species. The wildlife park is home to rare white bison, wood bison, plains bison, elk, and Percheron horses.

Experience includes: An educational experience highlighting the significance of these heritage species to the Métis people The opportunity to enter the paddocks alongside the animals for an intimate view of the animals.

Price: Adult $75.60; Child (5-17) $59.85; Senior (65+): $59.85

Through the Eye of the Hunter Tour: Get in touch with the land and learn about Métis harvesting traditions in this invigorating Signature Experience. See through the eye of the hunter as your Métis guide leads you on a river-side trail walk. Discover the diverse plants of the boreal forest, learn how the hunters used their surroundings to assist in the hunt, and look for signs of the many animals that call Métis Crossing home. Hear stories of how Métis people survive on the land and how we relate to the plants and animals that help sustain our communities.

In the second half of this exciting experience, you’ll get to practice your bow hunting skills on our natural archery course! These essential skills were passed down by Métis people, from generation to generation, so we could all learn to provide for our families and communities while practicing sustainable harvesting.

Price: Adult $61.96; Child (5-17) $49.56; Senior (65+)$49.56


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